BBC Headroom – Interactive Application for World Mental Health Day
BBC Headroom

In the run up to World Mental Health Day on the 10th October the BBC Live Sites network will be screening my Headroom Interactive Application across all 21 Big Screens and at 6 special BBC Headroom events. The application ties into the BBC Headroom campaign running across a range of traditional and digital media and can be played by the public during scheduled sessions.

Motion Detection software is used to enable users to interact with the application by popping thunderclouds, transforming them into happy balloons, as they float past the user on screen. When balloons are generated and thunderclouds squashed by users, the landscape transforms from a baron nighttime wilderness into a lush summer’s day. As users’ continue to burst their thunderclouds flowers begin to grow, leaves appear on trees, and butterflies & birds fly into the landscape, before a sun burst laden finale congratulates the users on their thundercloud squashing skills. Throughout this transformation the number of balloons created at individual sites is passed between the screen sites across the UK and this information is fed back as inter-city smile scores. Users are regularly updated to where the leading smile-creating city is and encouraged to generate more smiles across the screen network.

The application will be running from the 30th September through to and including World Mental Health Day on the 10th October. If you have a BBC Big Screen near you why not pop down and burst a few thunderclouds of your own or alternatively you can find out more info on the BBC’s Headroom website at

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