Derby At Work
QUAD for FORMAT Festival 2013

The website was commissioned by Derby QUAD for FORMAT International Photography festival 2013. The theme of FORMAT13 centred on factory and mass production and the Derby At Work website was developed to take these themes to the wider public.

Exploring the FORMAT themes the project reached out to people in the Derby area and encouraged them to capture their own “Derby at Work” either on the street, during their working day, whilst studying or Derby at work over the years. Visitors could then upload and position their photos on the the map of Derby showing exactly where they had been taken.

The responsive website allowed users to upload photos directly on a range of devices including smartphones, tablets and desktops either at the location where the photo was taken or at a later date. The website was also integrated into the EyeEm, Flickr and Instagram APIs so that users could easily tag photos from their favourite app with the #derbyatwork hash tag and these images would be automatically added to the map.

The mapping application used marker clusters to group images that were positioned closely together into a single marker images allowing faster and clearer  navigation over a range of devices. The size of individual thumbnails were controlled by the popularity of each image, taking into account the number of photo views and social media reach. Visitors who navigated the map by scrolling through the image viewer would also see the map reposition behind the image viewer so the user could see the location of the photo.

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FORMAT Festival
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