Le Cadavre Exquis – R&D Co-Creation: Making Future Work
Broadway Media Centre

“Le Cadavre Exquis” is a new in interactive artwork comissioned by the Broadway Media Centre as part of the Making Future Work initiative and funded by Arts Council England. Working with Brendan Randall (www.thewoom.com) we responded to the call for submissions with  ‘Le Cadavre Exquis’, an art installation that explores the notions of co-creation and online space. ‘Le Cadavre Exquis’ is a research and development project that examines how audiences can work together locally and remotely to generate an artistic installation created soley by the audience.

‘Le Cadavre Exquis’ is a contemporary re-interpretation of the of the surrealist game “Exquisite Corpse” and the parlour game “Consequences” in which players define parts of a visual image and dialogue before passing onto future payers for further contributions.

Developed as an interactive installation, participants control both the narrative and recorded footage of the piece. Using a custom gesture interface and digital cameras, participants record a stop frame animation as a response to a pre-defined simple dialogue. Upon completion of the animation the players provide the next line of the dialogue for future players, thus creating a performance and narrative generated entirely by the participants.

The ‘Le Cadavre Exquis’ aims to explore how notions of co-creation and user-engagement within the context of digital art and interaction can be used to create a piece of film generated entirely from participants.

Check out the Making Future Work website and especially our blog posts on the progress of the project and research.

We will also be taking at a public forum on the 2nd June at 6-8.30pm at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (LPAC), Lincoln with other MFW artists Hetain Patel & Barret Hodgson and guest Speakers Blast Theory and Rachel Coldicutt. The event is free to attend and open to all. You can book your place over at Event Brite. We hope to see you there.

UPDATE: You can come any experience ‘Le Cadavre Exquis’ and get involved with the story at both

the Victoria and Albert Museum London 15-16th July 2011. More info can be found on the V&A website.

Nottingham Contemporary 23rd July 2011 – 4th September 2011


Nottingham Evening Post review Le Cadavre Exquis – http://www.thisisnottingham.co.uk/Keeping-wig-cameras-art-bring-worldwide-fame/story-13179845-detail/story.html

canon 450d
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