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Stargazing LIVE BBC Two

Stargazing LIVE is an amazing series of events broadcast on BBC Two that explore the wonders of our night sky. The broadcasts and live events encourage everyone – from the complete beginner to the enthusiatic amateur – to make the most of the visible universe around us. I was commissioned by BBC Two to create an interactive application for the BBC’s Big Screen network to support the show and live events across the country and enable viewers in front of these screens to interact with the night sky like never before.

Viewers find themselves on screen surrounded by a network of interactive stars and planets that hold secrets that they can reveal by touch them and exploring the universe on screen. Stars are shown to burst into an array of particles as they are explored until a secret star is discovered and a video question about the universe is revealed. Viewers are tasked to explore the universe again, interacting with the stars and planets to find the answer to the question which is delivered by one of the shows astronomy experts.

To get involved with the programme and live events visit the BBC’s Stargazing website:

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