Village Screen at Glastonbury Festival 2010
Arts Council England and BBC

Following on from the Village Screen 2009 I was asked to be lead developer at Village Screen 2010 heading up two other interactive artists and to develiver a programme of interactive content on one side of the double-sided screen. Following on from the previous years experience I developed Glastonbury Spirit, an application that uses face detection to find and track users in front of the screen. As users are tracked the softeare generates a custom set of headware inspired from images of festival goers from previous years with a touch of hallucinogen thrown into the mix.

The headware is regenerated every few minutes or until the user looks way and their face can no longer be tracked.

The application selected babies to seasoned festival goers alike, anyone brave enough to look up and see themselves on screen would experience the glastonbury spirit and see themselves in away they may never again.