Winnie the Pooh goes digital

Online Interactive of the 100 Acre Wood for Disney & Google
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Winnie the Pooh goes digital
Disney / Google / Studio Spitfire

You can tell a person’s age by the Disney characters they most remember. Winnie the Pooh was one such brand. A valuable license for Disney whose resonance had waned over the years. FLOATING POINT working with Studio Spitfire were approached to create an explorable, digital experience that allowed new mothers to introduce their little ones to the creatures of the Hundred Acre Wood through Google Maps and Street View. FLOATING POINT worked with Spitfire as their digital lead to make this happen. Using Google APIs with custom maps and street view panoramas the visitor was transported to the 100 acre wood navigating it with Google Maps UX they are already familiar with but completely customised UI and interactions.

The immersive experience brings together more than 1,000 Winnie-the-Pooh assets, including videos, images, stories, downloadable content and games while also providing helpful guides, hints and tips for new mums. Fans navigate the 3-dimensional site and explore different character locations, including Pooh’s house, all through 360° photospheres.

If the visitor allowed their location to be disclosed to the browser the content and recommendations throughout the site would change depending on local weather conditions. This was enabled through the use of weather APIs and custom algorithms to change the content.

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