Web Design
& Online Experiences

I design and develop websites and online experiences with clients direct or part of a team for Design and Advertising agencies.


I work both directly with clients and as part of a team with Design and Advertising agencies designing and developing websites and online experiences. I have created websites for a range of purposes from e-commerce web stores, brand experiences, product catalogues, portfolio websites, to websites for PLC companies.

My experience covers a range of front end and back end technologies, selected to create the optimum experience for website visitors and clients alike. I take an agnostic approach to technologies, selecting the most appropriate technology to deliver the most effective outcome for each project. I continually asses, learn and use technologies as they develop and provide increased benefits for the projects that I work on.

I work with a wide range of APIs from the biggest platforms on the web to utilise the specific platform specialisms and to connect with audiences globally. These include Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Eyeem, Amazon Web Services and many more. For details of more specific technical skills please visit the About page.


I work with the Wordpress Content Management System (CMS) developing themes and plugins for specific website projects.


WordPress is the biggest C.M.S on the web today and it powers almost 20% of all websites globally. WordPress is free, extremely easy to use and flexible. WordPress puts clients in control of their content, allowing them to create, manage and publish their content without the need of a web designer. It’s flexible design means that it can also be tailored to suit specific project and client requirements, both for website visitors and web site administrators.

The core functionality of WordPress provides an amazing amount of control. If additional features are not available in the core a huge plugin library allows this to be extended even further.

I have worked with WordPress for a number of years and have designed and developed many websites on the platform. I have worked extensively with Advanced Custom Fields and other plugins to develop custom themes for clients from e-commerce websites, mapping applications that are location aware, to plc websites and many more in between.

I have experience developing plugins and additional functionality for the platform and I’m as happy designing on the front end as I am within a PHP class method at the back-end. For details of more specific technical skills please visit the About page.

Offline Interactive Experiences

I create large scale interactive digitial installations at galleries, festivals and exhibitions. These installations are often large projections or digital screens that create an immersive experience.


Over the last six years I have designed, developed, installed and managed a number of large scale interactive installations. I have worked with the BBC on their Big Screens project delivering interactive experiences on large screens in public spaces across the UK and at Glastonbury festival. I have create interactive artworks that have been shown at galleries in the UK, Europe and Canada including FutureEverything, the V&A, Nottingham Contemporary, Fiber Festival Amsterdam and Galerie UQAM, Montreal, Canada.

I have created digital artworks that connect the user in the physical space to the audiences globally in the digital space, leveraging social networks to connect to and develop new audiences and to provide a marketing benefit through experience mementos, inclusion and endorsement of experience.

For details of more specific technical skills please visit the About page.


Some of the clients & Brands I have worked with

BBC Big Screens
Dust Agency
New Art Exchange
Phoenix Square
QUAD - Derby's centre for art and film
Broadway Media Center
Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery
Glastonbury festival Interactive Big Screens
Format International Photography Festival
Fiber Festival Amsterdam
Macesport PR