l33t Hax0r

Online interactive & gamification of twitter conversations
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l33t Hax0r
Broadway Media Centre

“l33t Hax0r” is an interactive game and data visualisation of the conversation around the @broadwaycinema twitter account. Involving Twitter, the Broadway website, brochure and venue to challenge participants to ‘pwn’ or ‘own’ the Café Bar projection and Play section of the Broadway website.

Twitter users become participants in the game by simply interacting with the @BroadwayCinema twitter account, scoring points through the content of their tweets, with their avatars (pictures) being displayed as a competing network of “Hax0rs”. All tweets to @BroadwayCinema are read by the application behind the game and
a secretive scoring system is used to find keywords and phrases in each tweet that reward the user with points.

Keywords may be discovered around the venue, in the Broadway brochure , on the Broadway website or via tips delivered by @broadwayHax0r twitter account.

One user will become the “l33t Hax0r” on a weekly basis and be rewarded with prizes from Broadway Cinema.

“l33t Hax0r” is a name taken from leetspeak, an alternative alphabet used on the Internet in the early 1980s by crackers and hackers to avoid detection when discussing
forbidden topics and translates to “Elite Hacker” – a computer user who can find and exploit opportunities to ultimately ‘own’ or ‘pwn’ a system.

Data visualisation