Mirror Of Infinity – Collaboration with Kasia Molga
Collaboration with Kasia Molga

Mirror of Infinity is a piece about an ephemeral connection between the universe and us. Through the active engagement into experiencing this piece, spectators become a vital part of co-creation of this piece. The user is an element of a bigger net – bigger pattern, without him them piece couldn’t be completed. The installation starts with the visual projection of the dark rectangle onto the wall of the gallery. There is a blue stroke in the middle representing river Thames, suggesting that the projected image depicts a map of London. Through visible instructions, viewers are asked to participate by sending a text message from their mobile phones, starting with the first part of any London’s postcodes, e.g.: “SW1 my message about something”. Once sent, the content of the message appears on the projected picture, in the spot equivalent to the chosen postcode located on the map of the city. By sending the SMS text message viewers reveal a star or constellation, these gradually light up the screen, above the location equivalent to the given postcode. In return participants receive text messages with short information about the celestial bodies they have just revealed. All stars are imposed on the map of the city, so that each postcode has one assigned star, planet or constellation. The configuration of stars reflects the real configuration of the map of sky above London during winter. http://www.kasiamolga.net/

Canary Wharf