Samsung T5 Heathrow Experience Zone

Body Tracking Interactives. Audio Chambers & Sensor POS
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Samsung T5 Heathrow Experience Zone

Samsung approached Outform to create an immersive experience zone within Heathrow Airport’s InMotion Terminal 5 store. FLOATING POINT working with Outform created an experience zone that transported busy travelers out of the stressful airport environment and connect with the brand’s latest Galaxy offerings.

FLOATING POINT created open air audio chambers within the space to demonstrate the superior quality of Samsung’s Buds. As the traveler stepped into the zone, they were welcomed by three sections highlighting the earbuds’ active noise-canceling and ambient features through hyper-directional speakers using audio crated by FLOATING POINT.

FLOATING POINT created lift-and-learn experiences where travelers can discover the features of the Galaxy products.

FLOATING POINT idealised interactive screens using body tracking and touch screens that showed the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 & Flip4 distinctive features , where shoppers could use their body actions to open up and explore the products.

Body Tracking
Gesture Interface
Touch Screen