SPORTING FORMS – Topologies of The Beautiful Game – The World Cup 2012
“The Pride and the Passion” Exhibition Derby Quad

Sporting Forms is a new digital artwork that reinterprets the football games of the World Cup as a performance piece and a series of 3D printed sculptures representing each one of seven matches through the group games, the quarter and semi-finals, and the final itself. The hope is that each of these games will include England as one of the competing sides.

Using positional data collected on players in real-time throughout each game, a new artwork will be produced that uses this data to create a digital performance where the players movements and interactions with other players become the artists within the work. Working with leading sports data company Opta Sporting Forms uses time led data of players on-pitch positions throughout seven World Cup football matches. This data provides the on-pitch positions of events with players throughout each game, timestamped as it happens.

For more information visit the project website and the exhibition “The Pride and the Passion” at Derby Quad

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World Cup 2014
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