The World In A Room : OCEANIA
Interact with creatures of the South Pacific at the Horniman London
The World In A Room : OCEANIA
The Horniman Museum / YoHo Media

The Horniman Museum’s new World Gallery wanted to create a unique experience for it’s visitors. FLOATING POINT worked with YoHo Media to conceptualise, pitch, design and create Oceania, an interactive floor projection of the South Pacific ocean.

Working with the Horniman’s species experts who provided advice on how animals from the South Pacific behaved and interacted with objects, plants and visitors in their environment, FLOATING POINT created a world where species of fish flock to and past visitor’s feet splitting their shoals between each person interacting. Colourful Wrasse fish come and nibble around the visitor’s feet, a shy Moray Eel ventures out of his cave when the calm had died down but retreats when it gets too hectic. From time to time, turtles swim through the area as well as a number of sharks that breach the surface from time-to-time. Clams and colorful Christmas tree worms adorn the rock formations, opening and displaying their beautiful colours when not interacted with but quickly retreating or clamming up when someone comes near.

The Horniman Museum won Art Fund Museum of the year 2022

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