Great Balls of Fire – Six Summer Saturdays Birmingham Hippodrome. BBC Big Screens
Birmingham Hippodrome

Great Balls of Fire is an interactive application commissoned by Birmingham Hippodrome and designed for the BBC’s Big Screens.

Participants are accompanied on screen by three theatrical roaming fire-eaters that are desperate to be fed fireballs.! The audience is tasked to feed the fire-eaters by guiding the fire-balls dropping down the screen in anyway possible, using their bodies, limbs or any type of motion to target the fire-eaters! Feed the heads too quickly and they start to over heat and vibrate before bursting at the seams!

Great Balls of Fire will run as part of the Six Summer Saturdays festivities in Birmingham UK. For more info visit:

Originally designed to run on the BBC ‘s Big Screen in Birmingham, Great Balls of Fire will now be running across the entire network of 20 screens. Find one near you here:

Here’s a short film showcasing the Six Summer Saturdays events and includes some coverage of Great Balls of Fire.

Great Balls of Fire was created with the openFrameworks  coding library and box2d physics engine.

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