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Slogger is an Interactive Application developed for BBC 5Live and for use at Big Screen events across the UK.

Slogger uses pose detection and AI to calculate a user’s batting response to a number of animated balls delivered by a virtual bowler. The participant stands at a real-world wicket, bat in hand, viewing a big screen where a virtual bowler delivers a series of balls. The speed of reaction, direction of movement and power of play of the participant batsman are tracked and their virtual shot is played out on screen.

As each shot is played a virtual audience in the stands celebrate the success (or lack of it) of the user. Leather against Willow Sound effects were developed for each type of shot and increase the pay back for the user. As the name suggests the object of the game is to “slog” the ball, with a shot out of the stadium bagging the user 6 runs. Each user receives an over (6 balls) with their total score calculated after each ball. At the end of the over users are congratulated or consoled on their performance.

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