Melanix Execute
Collaboration with Marilène Oliver and Isabelle Van Grimde. Exhibited at "The Body in Question (s)" Galerie UQAM, Montreal, Canada

Melanix Execute is an interactive video installation that combines positron emission tomography – computed tomography (PET-CT) data from radiology software and custom skeletal tracking software using a Microsoft Kinect sensor.

Custom software was created to track and monitor the movements of the performer’s limbs and torso, and the idea of a dance between scanned body data and tracked performer has been developed into a life size, full body experience.

In the installation rendered Computer Tomography scans are displayed as a projected screen. The individual limbs of the performer are constantly monitored by the software for changes in position along three axes and these changes control the display of the same limbs and torso of the scanned data, allowing the performer to reveal layers from skin through muscle, veins and down to bone.

The effect to the non-medical eye when the data is rendered as a 3D volume is both seductive and unnerving: as the performance happens the body is endlessly unfleshed and refleshed.

The software was developed to allow specific controls on individual limbs allowing the the relationship between the performers individual limbs and the relationship with the scanned data to be fine tuned. The software also analyses the performer for a number of specific moves that occur throughout the performance. Once these moves are detected the performer is then able to control the 3D rotation of the scanned data.

The installation was a collaboration with visual artist Marilène Oliver and Montreal based choreographer Isabelle Van Grimde and was created to be shown as part of “The Body in Question (s)” Galerie UQAM, Montreal Canada, 28th May 2012 – 1st June 2012.

As well as being an exhibition of contemporary artworks, “The Body in Question (s)” in also the site of Van Grimde’s new performances so her dancers will ‘perform’ Melanix.

Melanix Execute was also developed as an interactive installation for exhibition where visitors can become the performer of Melanix themselves.

All photography ©Michael Slobodian

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